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Directors and Officers:

Chief Executive Officer and President
Amer Rustom
Since 1984 when he co-founded the Platinum Group, Mr. Amer Rustom has successfully guided the many diverse business units of the Group and has been instrumental in the creation of The Platinum Group USA, Inc. as the operational platform for today’s many business ventures. He has successfully developed strong ties with many of the Middle East and North African leaders and country officials as well as the local and international business communities. Educated in Europe, Mr. Rustom is multi-lingual.

Chief Operating Officer and Vice President
Robert R. Donofrio
With over 35 years of successful senior management experience in both public and private companies, he has combined participation in a number of successful public companies. He was co-founder of a public company that was the first Chinese Fast Service Restaurant in 1976 called Charlie Chan. He expanded the company to more than 60 locations, with more than 3,000 employees before selling his interest. Mr. Donofrio is founder and Chairman of a company associated with chemicals operating in over 60 cities and 3 states in the southern United States. Mr. Donofrio brings considerable management and operational experience. Mr. Donofrio attended Youngstown State University where he majored in Business Administration.

Chief International Relations Officer and Vice President
Azzam Rustom
A co-founder of the Platinum Group in 1984, Mr. Azzam Rustom has been instrumental in the growth and success of the many diverse business interests of the Group. An innovative visionary, he has been the “key man” in the formation of new international business ventures with emphasis on telecommunications. Educated in Europe, Mr. Rustom is multi-lingual.

Board of Directors

Chairman – Amer Rustom – Bio as above

Director – Robert Donofrio – Bio as above

Director – Azzam Rustom – Bio as above

Director - Gene Ackerman – Bio as above

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