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A commercial representation, trading, business development and consulting company.

As an international business development company, The Platinum Group USA team is responsible to The Platinum Group of companies for the marketing and operational management of the Group’s business opportunities and ventures in the following areas:

•   Oil and gas exploration and refinery
•   Pharmaceutical manufacturing and sales
•   Real estate development and management
•   Telecommunications
•   Energy (Steam Reforming Gasification Power Generation)
•   Recycling & Waste Management
•   Capital equipment sales for high technology process industries
•   A dynamic consulting practice for the introduction of goods, services and operating business units     within our markets of influence.

For the past twenty years, The Platinum Group has built many sound relationships across widely differing cultures at all levels. We recognize that cross-cultural awareness is vital to companies wishing to establish operations in overseas markets. That is where our strength lies! With both commercial and governmental contacts throughout our market area, The Platinum Group is a discreet and effective resource for international business opportunities and operations.

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