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Alternative Energy by Altergy Systems
Altergy Systems designs and manufactures proprietary proton exchange membrane (PEM) fuel cell systems, collectively known as Altergy Freedom Power™ products. These compact, rugged, high efficiency systems produce power at the point of use -- making reliable, low cost, distributed power generation a reality.

Energy Generating Facilties

Under a representation licensing agreement, The Platinum Group USA is pleased to provide an industrial scale, environmentally sustainable energy generating facility that meets the goals of the Kyoto Treaty on Climate Change.

This biomass gasification technology converts organic feed stocks – municipal waste, scrap tires, sanitary waste and sewage, animal and agricultural waste, pulp and paper mill effluent or industrial wastes and sludge – into a hydrogen rich gas for power generation by gas or steam turbines.

Commercial scale installations are now in operation processing toxic wastes (black liquor effluent) in the pulp and paper industry. Additionally, the U. S. Department of Energy in concert with private industry is “cost sharing” the operation of a facility utilizing this technology to recover pulping chemicals.

Biomass gasification technology utilizes gasifier vessels designed for a particular volume and a particular type of feed stock. Size and capacity varies – from modules producing a gas feed producing one (1) Mwe consuming approximately one (1) ton of municipal solid waste per hour to a module large enough to process twenty tons per hour producing twenty (20) Mwe.

Some of the significant advantages of this technology are:

•   Reduced environmental control costs

•   Elimination or reduction of costs for waste disposal

•   Production of hydrogen rich gas optimal for power generation

•   “Greenhouse warming” neutral

•   Low operating costs

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