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The Platinum Group USA, Inc. is pleased to introduce an environmentally safe, economically viable, semi-cryogenic (does not use chemicals or liquid nitrogen) scrap tire recycling system which separates tire components into clean and saleable crumb rubber, steel wire and fiber using a patented “fracturing mill”.

There are over 2.5 billion tires stockpiled in the USA and approximately 300 million more scrap tires are generated annually in Canada and the USA. The same numbers apply to the European market. Approximately 9% of all the annual scrap tires are recycled for the crumb rubber markets.

The crumb rubber presently generated from the recycling process, approximately 867 million pounds annually, is used in such markets as asphalt products, molded products, athletic/recreation surfaces, tires/automotive, plastic blends. The present demand is greater than actual capacities.

The higher quality crumb rubber produced by this system opens additional markets such as the manufacturing of new tires, thermoplastic compounds and the plastic industry (potential of 1 billion pounds or 10% of present plastic recycling market).

This innovative system – The TCS System - was developed and patented by The Tirex Corporation of Montreal, Canada and is manufactured under contract by Simpro S.p.A of Italy. The system has been certified by the Quebec government and is under warranty by Simpro S.p.A.

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